Saturday, January 9, 2010


Literally! The ground stayed frozen all day! You don't understand. This DOES NOT happen here... We Southerners like it warm, nay even hot and we are not evolved for these types of temperatures! Remember the other day, how I was commenting that the fountain in my garden was frozen over? Well today, all day, the spout was completely frozen in mid-arch! And, to top things off-  I was so cold that I built a fire in the fireplace! The down side is that I feel like I may be coming down with something... :(
In other, happier news, I joined HAPPY MAIL! YAY!
And here are some inspirational pics for you!
love pretty cupcakes confections!
knitting cupcakes! how cutes!

love pretty vintage vignettes!


LOVE LOVE! Now everybody share the love and add my new button and I will add yours as well!
Goodnighty night. Jessica

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