Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Orange is one of those colors that is always so unexpected... Whether it pops up in nature, fashion, art, or design, it catches you by surprise and is perhaps the most controversial color... It can have negative connotations- for example orange is the color for the highest level of security threat and is also used in construction to signify caution... However, certain shades also have widespread appeal such as rust tones and terra cotta...  From bright shades, such as flourescent citrine and tangerine, to mango tango, and the deep spicy hues of burnt sienna and umber, orange is always unexpected and adds a touch of excitement, a bit of whimsy, and a yummy vintage flair to any color palate... Good enough to eat!
lovelove the beautiful miss kaylah's rockin' new do...
check her out at the dainy squid...

unexpected, no?

see what i mean?

YUMYUMS. I am suddenly craving- some Vitamin C...
If you are still hungry for more: Check out
bye. Jessica

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