Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hello blog world. I am sorry that I have been MIA the last few days... So I go to get on my laptop a couple of days ago and I get a weird error code... Something to the effect of "boot driver is corrupt or missing yada yada yada." Why? I have no clue... But then it was just turning itself on and off, on and off but would never boot up! SHIIIITTTTEEE!! I call my friend who is computer literate. He messes with it for a while and then says, "Sorry,  but you're gonna have to delete the hardrive and re-install Windows... WHATT? Won't that delete everything on my computer? YEP. And guess what? Windows won't re-install for some unknown reason... SO, all my pictures, programs, everything is gone. POOF. And my computer is out of commission. Keep in mind, this HP laptop is only like a year old! I'm still paying for it in fact! And now its broken. And I am super bummed about it... That'll teach me to back-up more often. dammit.

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  1. That is not encouraging news... the EXACT same thing happened to me this morning. I was just going to check the weather before I left for work, but I couldn't get the browser to open, then it just turned off and came back on. It said... can't remember, some kind of boot error, sounds like what you said, and then the whole process repeated two more times. My new laptop gets here on the 19th, but I'm still very sad because ALL of my youngest daughter's baby pictures are on the computer :(

    Good luck, if you find anything out let me know! Mine's an HP too... we are unlucky.