Thursday, February 25, 2010


So, I am excited to report that I have made a very important life-change-ish decision... I have decided to go blu. No, not hair, but cigs!  After trying almost every available option to quit smoking, and having year after year of failed New Year's resolutions, I have decided to try something new... The E-Cigarette... And after doing quite a bit of research on different brands, I have decided that the Blu's are the ones for me!
And I am so excited about it! Here are some of the benefits: (except for the first one- which I find completely ridiculous- I mean- who are you advertising to? 15 year olds? because surely by the time you reach my age you have long since realized that cigs are not cool and addiction in any form really sucks.) Anyway.
So, the other benefits are pretty good. And I like the fact that you can "step" down to eventually using cartridges with no nicotine which must be somewhat like drinking one of those non-alcoholic beers... But I realize that the "action" of smoking can be addictive too... Having a cig to hold in your hand while driving, for example. Oh yeah, and I am completely excited that they have flavors, such as cherry, menthol, coffee and vanilla... Now if I can only break my addiction to vintage pottery ashtrays like these free form beauties:

Every time I come upon a lovely swirly vintage ashtray I am totally tempted to buy it... 
And now I won't have any excuse. 
But, hey, that's a good thing right?

Man, I am tired. 


  1. good for you! smoking is a disgusting habit and not an easy one to quit, so you have my full support >.<

  2. Thanks Alex... I know. I am hoping the e-cigs are going to make quitting easier and I am looking forward to saving all that money also!

  3. I have so many fun vintage ashtrays too! I mostly use them for jewelry now (ahem... "mostly"... maybe I should look into this blu thing too!) but I still can't stop buying them when I see them!