Friday, February 5, 2010


You know what I really miss? I miss being a kid. Even as a pre-teen and teenager, I couldn't wait to grow up and now all I wish is that I could go back... I miss the sense of wonderment, the innocence, and believing in fairy tales... I miss hearing that everyone lives 'happily ever after.' I miss believing that every dream imaginable could become reality... I am tired of adulthood, tired of responsibility and disappointment. I long for that carefree spirit that I used to possess when I would wake up excited for each new day. Every new experience was a great adventure and I half-way resided completely in my own world- the world of my imagination... I want to live in a tree house; to make a fort out of blankets in my living room and stay in it forever. I want to hear an orchestra playing at poignant moments of my life and I want to be happy just because.


I will be out of this funk soon and back to my normally shiny happy self (hahaha.) 
Just give me a couple days to get over unexpectedly losing my job.


  1. I miss being a kid too. More so I think because I have one now, and they have it easy. Sorry to hear you lost your job.

  2. Though I act like a child every chance I get (that includes building "houses" from pieces of wood and old rags when I go at the country-side house and making mud pie - yes, I STILL do that.. it's fun!) I must say there can be a downside to being an "adult child" - and I'm refering here to starting the day off anxious about what lovely adventure it will bring, what pretty/new/exciting/lovely thing I will witness or discover... it sometimes happens but mostly the day brings disappointment. Bitter disappointment. Yet another crappy situation you have to put up with, yet another bill to pay, yet another friend turning out to be backstabber, yet another utterly boring project to work on. I'm not trying to suggest I'm not happy, far from it. I can say I'm one of the happy people. There are far more reasons to that than I can post on here, before my comment starts to look like a whole blog post, BUT a whole lot of that happiness comes from the joys I find in the little things: my dog wagging her tail at me or chewing on my old shoes, company of dear ones a hot cup of delicious tea and so on. Maybe after all that's what it means to still be a child at heart. Happiness from the little things. Try to leave your worries away for 5 minutes (I know how it is, I've been unemployed myself for a period of time) and take a bunch of crayons and just be silly colouring something. Anything. When was the last time you did something like that? Worked for me, I started giggling the second I realized how horrible my colouring was, haha. Hope something similar will work for you too.
    All the best! And good luck, Jessica!

  3. Ugh, that is suuuper shitty. Our job market in AZ is sucking right now too. I hope you find something super fabulous and high-paying asap!

  4. Awww. Thanks guys! I really appreciate all of your sweet comments and kind uplifting words! Ya'll have made me feel so much better- just to know that people care... I love you guys!

  5. this is so true! although, i must say i feel like i'm living a fairy tale because i have the best husband ever and we play together all the time! (we went to Disneyland in December and boy did we fit in!)

    I'm so sorry about your job : ( that is no fun. I'm sure you'll find something else, and while you don't have to go to work for now, you should just play a lot and do all the kid things you're daydreaming about!!!

    Oh, I'm Sarah by the way : )


  6. Don't even mention it! *Passes crayons* Or do you prefer water colours? :) Also got glitter crayons and some really funky coloured markers, lol. Take yer pick! Us kids know how to share :)