Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My dear blog world- I am so sorry that it has been several days since I have made a post, but there has been a political fire storm brewing down here in Alabama that has cost thousands of people to lose their jobs, including myself... Now, I really like to post things about pretty happy unicorns, rainbows, 
sugar and spice and all things nice... 
Things like this:

  But, unfortunately, I really don't have a choice in the matter... I feel that I must do what I can to expose the ridiculous corruption and abuse of power that is taking place down here...  For whatever reason, the national media seems to be taking no interest even though the events taking place seem more like something out of a movie than reality...  The last several days of this week have been spent rallying, protesting and picketing- trying to have our voices be heard... It would probably take ten pages for me to thoroughly explain the whole situation, so I will try to summarize this madness to the best of my ability. For those of you who did not know, I had recently accepted a job at the Country Crossing music and entertainment venue in Dothan.  Now, it was rumored that the amount of tourism that was to be brought to this area from this venture would rival that of Branson, Missouri and would really put Dothan on the map as far as country music is concerned.... Phase I of the project included an RV park, several restaurants, an ampitheatre, several restaurants, a bed and breakfast, and a Bingo Pavilion. Electronic bingo that is... Now, Phase II and III of the project was to include several grand hotels, a water and amusement park, outdoor mall, movie theater etc. and would have brought an incredible amount of jobs to the area... Now, there have been several other electronic bingo facilities in Alabama including Victoryland which has been in operation for over ten years... Now, for no apparent reason, it seems, the Governor has decided that ending electronic bingo by any means necessary is to be his own personal political agenda. WHY? WHY NOW? There have been allegations of political corruption including but not limited to campaign contributions from the many Indian casinos in Mississippi. Also, the specially appointed task force leader up until last week has now resigned amid such rumors and been replaced.  Then, to the shock and awe of the residents in my city, the governor sent 150 state troopers to try and illegally raid Country Crossing WITHOUT having a search warrant and they staked out the property and trespassed illegally for nearly two days... This issue has divided the state and out the governor and attorney general on opposite sides of the fence... You simply cannot make this stuff up.
Here are some videos filling the airwaves right now:

And here are some photos of the rally's and protests that I have been attending....
I guess tomorrow I will be filing for unemployment. Thank you Governor for everything! Fucking Asshole.

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