Saturday, February 20, 2010


So, while I should be studying the lovely epic poem, the Odyssey, or at least reading it, for my test on Monday morning, I decided that the BEST idea would be to peruse the web and waste some time... There IS a reason I took a seven year hiatus from college- I HATE TO STUDY... But nevertheless, I figure I will go back to studying in a minute...  But first, here are a couple of really awesome things to waste your time!
Oh hell fuck yes! This game is AWESOME. And I don't play games online so you know I am serious.  Not to mention that the theme song is ALWAYS by Erasure. You just can't get any better than this.

Oh yeah! You know what I am talking about! That infamous half pout/ half kissy face that stupid people make for their Myspace and Facebook profile pics! And here is a site wholly devoted to making fun of them! I love it! AHAHAHA! Hilarious I tell you! 

Ok, I must get back to wasting time so I can get back to studying... Thank god for funny sites like these though so I have not as of yet become compelled to make (and post) funny face pics from the webcam. Although, its probably only a matter of time...
Au revoir mes amis,

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